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Cheap Snacks - Chips, Cookies, Ramen and More


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  1. Paqui® Zesty Salsa Verde Tortilla Chips 7oz

  2. Maruchan® Yakisoba Cheddar Cheese Flavor Japanese Home Style Noodle Bowl 3.96oz

  3. Paqui® Haunted Ghost Pepper Tortilla Chips 2oz

  4. Meiji® Hello Panda® Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies Chocolate Bag 2.2oz

  5. Takis® Pop! Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime 6.7oz

  6. Planters® Cheez Balls Original Snacks 2.75oz

  7. Rice Krispies Treats® Original Marshmallow Squares 16-Count Value Pack

  8. Andy Capp's® Cheddar Fries 3oz

  9. Meiji® Hello Panda® Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies Strawberry Bag 2.2oz

  10. Pringles® Grab N' Go Bbq Potato Crisps 1.4oz

  11. Meiji® Chocorooms 5oz

  12. Pringles® Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps 2.3oz

  13. Gerrit's Edible Satellite Wafers® 1.23oz

  14. Meiji® Hello Panda 7oz Bag

  15. Maruchan® Yakisoba Korean Bbq Japanese Home Style Noodle Bowl 4.12oz

  16. Andy Capp's® Hot Fries 3oz

  17. Jiffy Pop® Butter Flavored Popcorn 4.5oz

  18. M&M's® Minis Candy Pop® Popcorn 5.25oz

  19. Snickers® Candy Pop® Popcorn 5.25oz

  20. Meiji® Hello Panda Creme Center With Crunchy Shell Snack 7oz Bag -  Strawberry
Satisfy your cravings with our collection of snacks! Explore our wide range of options, including delicious ramen noodles, mouth watering cookies, and flavorful chocolates, From savory to sweet, we have a variety of snacks to suit your taste preferences. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal, a sweet treat, or a savory snack, our selection of snacks will surely hit the spot. Shop now and indulge in your favorite mega snacks to satisfy your cravings and enjoy a tasty treat.