basket ideas

easter basket ideas from five below take the stress off of you to come up with a complete basket ensemble! browse our ideas to spice up your kids’ easter sunday. on a budget this easter holiday? no worries! we’ve got the perfect basket ideas for you – look no further than our $1 basket ideas! this way you can make your kids’ day while not breaking the bank.

If you have a tech lover in your life, be sure to peruse our techie basket. this basket can include bluetooth smile icon speakers, phone chargers, and more! or for all of those craft lovers, you must check out the slime kits from five below. there is nothing better than making a controlled mess, right! these baskets can easily be filled in just one stop at five below.

obviously you have to get as much easter candy as possible, so stop by our candy store to fill those baskets to the brim! we even offer a candy basket idea for those sweet tooth’s in your life. five below is counting down the days till the easter bunny visits! he’ll be here before you know it, so stock up today!