hey btw, you can now shop 5B online. (woo hoo!) new, improved, and so five below.
so what's that mean for online shopping?
you can trust us and our stuff because we've been bringing it in hundreds of stores for over 10 years
it's handpicked cool. all this crazy awesome stuff, all chosen specifically for you, is all $1-$5
and the future is up to you. we want to know how to make this site your new fave online store.
share suggestions here!
fivebelow.com 101 (it's easy peasy)
find cool stuff that's all $1-$5 (duhhh!)
fill your wheelbarrow (spend $15 or more for us to ship the cool.)
buy stuff how you want it (individual items or by the case, yaaas!
checkout easily & safely (and rip open your stuff in no time)
how we keep it on the low. we search the world for cool stuff as close to free as it can be, but it's not cheap for us to pack and send it to you. no worries, we still keep it on the low:
flat shipping fee of $5 on orders $15 to $35
with only small increases as your order amount goes up... so fill that wheelbarrow!
we also add 25 cents to each item for handling. it pays to buy bulk items because it costs the same to handle as a case of multiple items... so really fill that wheelbarrow!
the best part? if you don't love it, you can return items to a five below store for free. yes, free
(but we know you'll love whatcha got)