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Our Story

learn more about how five below started, why we exist as a brand and our mission.

image of Tom and David

Founders' Story

It’s the local coffee shop. Two friends and business partners, Tom and David, fuel their brainstorming with endless caffeine buzz. What can they do that’s never been done before? What retail concept will actually stick and resonate? They land on an idea for the ultimate kids’ brand, defining it and inking it on the back of the napkin. It’s the inspiration for what will become Five Below, and it’s been a promise since Day 1. All thanks to two brilliant entrepreneurs… and a lot of coffee.

let go & have fun

Why We Exist

Five Below knows life is way better when you’re free to LET GO & HAVE FUN in an amazing experience filled with unlimited possibilities priced so low, you can always say “YES” to the newest, coolest stuff!

let go & have fun

The Five Below Way

We are an adopted family. One who actively participates and leans in to support each other and our business. In this family, we value every individual for their uniqueness and potential. We know FIVE BELOW is strongest when our teams reflect the diversity of the commitment we serve and our crew members can bring their whole authentic self to work, do what they do best, feel that they truly belong and grow every single day.

High Five Our Milestones

2002: First Store opens in Wayne, PA 2003: Iconic $5 Spalding Basketball starts selling
2008: 100th store opens in Pittsburgh 2009: facebook page launches (don't forget to follow us!)
2012: five below goes public! IPO ( nasdaq: FIVE) 2013: Annual sales reach $500M! | 17 stores open in Texas... (ALL IN ONE DAY)
2014: Joel Anderson is named CEO, and starts taking FIVE BELOW to the next level 2015: New Ship Center opens in NJ (IT'S 1 MILLION SQUARE FEET!!)
2016: Annual sales reach $1 BILLION! | FIVEBELOW.COM allows customers to shop online | 500th Store opens!! 2017: New Store Experience launches! | Five Below opens in California
2018: Wowtown, the new HQ in Philly, opens! (HOME SWEET HOME) 2019: opens 150 stores! | New shipcenter opens in GA | Nearly $23 Million in Donations raised for charities in the past 10 years.
2020: Opens 1,000th store! | New Shipcenter opens in TX | Launch Five Beyond | Launch collaboration with Bugha 2021: Store in 40 states! | New Shipcenter opens in AZ ( OUR FIRST OUT WEST!) | opening more stores than ever & having fun!
2020: Open 1,200th store in Union Square, New York, NY!