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Shop Five Below With Instacart!

we’ve added a new, convenient way to shop five below!

how to order thru instacart

go to or open the instacart app

enter your address to find your local (participating) store.

place your order!

browse through tons of cool stuff & add to your cart! place your order through or the app. inventory varies by store too. (fyi, you’ll need to create a new cart on instacart.)

choose your time!

timing depends on instacart availability that day. instacart will notify you when your order is ready.

frequently asked questions

1. how do i know if i can get my five below order delivered?

enter your address on the instacart app or website to see participating nearby stores with delivery. instacart delivery will be subject to availability in your area.

2. how long will my order take? (when should i expect my order?)

delivery can be ready in as little as 2 hours. instacart will allow you to select among available delivery windows based on your local store hours. check back soon if we’re not in your area just yet!

3. will i be able to find everything that is sold online in the store?

depending on the product availability at your local store, instacart inventory will vary. not all store inventory will be eligible for delivery.

4. how do i check the status of my order?

order status and order history will be available on the instacart app or instacart website. instacart orders will not show up under orders on

for additional questions please visit