pretty woman white matte stiletto faux nails 24-piece set w/ glue

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  • get your glam on grl. these faux nails will make it seem like you have a fresh mani all the time. you’ll be a serious style icon when you rock these! one has to know they aren’t real.
  • color: white matte stiletto style
  • glue: .07oz
  • warning: bonds to skin instantly, avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin, keep away from children, consult a doctor if eyelids get bonded, if skin is bonded, soak in nail polish remover and ease apart gently. not for use near eye removal: soak in nail polish remover or acetone for 3-5 minutes box size: 1.5in (H) x 4in (W)
  • brand: pretty woman
  • country of origin: vietnam

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