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Natural Abalone Shell Smudging Dish


Limit 5 per order
  • bring mother earth energy to your sage & herb smudging with the abalone shell smudging dish! reach for this all-natural seashell to enhance your meditations & rest your smudging herbs. it's beautiful!
  • abalone shell is traditionally used in indigenous cultures for smudging rituals, as it combines the 4 natural elements for powerful unity. abalone represents water, the herbs for earth, embers for fire, smoke represents air.
  • each abalone shell is natural & unique, and may vary from the image shown.
  • warning: abalone shells contain small holes. while smudging, ensure that hot embers do not fall through. if smudging sticks have been resting inside the abalone shell for an extended period of time, the shell may get hot. always use caution when handling.
  • to prevent varnish damage of furniture, do not leave incense/ember holder on varnished surface of furniture.

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