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Wireless Charger For Use With Airpods® & Airpods Pro™ & Stand For Use With & Apple Watch®


Limit 5 per order
  • a charging device for ur AirPods®, Airpod Pros™, & Apple Watch® - which can also be added onto other charging stands to make 1 all-inclusive & insanely awesome modular charging system.
  • Apple Watch® stand
  • wireless charger Airpod® 2nd gen & Airpod Pro™
  • package includes: 1 Airpod® wireless charger & Apple Watch® stand, 1 3A type-C 3ft USB cable, & 1 manual
  • 2 available modular bases to choose from: Qi enabled 5W wireless Charger, 2.4A charging station w/ two charging ports, or Airpods/Airpods pro wireless charger w/ Apple Watch stand.
  • each sold seperately! can be used seperately or as a set. collect and connect up to 3 modular bases to create one charging station! all of the connected bases combined can be powered by a single AC outlet. link together any or all of the bases to suit ur needs, or use each component individually.

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