series-8 fitness™ resistance band

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  • tone & strengthen hard-to-train inner & outer thigh muscles! this series-8 fitness™ resistance band helps you to reach those stubborn thigh areas as well as your glutes, hips & quads for a total body workout. just slip on the padded, adjustable ankle straps & get to work on your fitness goals.
  • colors: teal, purple, black
  • helps build & tone muscle
  • targets hard-to-train inner & outer thigh muscles
  • also targets front & rear glute muscles, hips & quads
  • helps prevent injury & improve balance
  • toning & strength
  • perf for lateral walks, runs, shuffles, monster walks & more
  • versatile to use in standing & seated positions for a complete workout
  • adjustable padded ankle cuffs for a comfortable fit
  • sold exclusively at five below!
  • brand: series-8 fitness™
  • country of origin: china

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