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give your car collection a jolt of energy with assorted hot wheels cars from five below. hot wheels are the ultimate fun toy for indoor or outdoor play, and for a wide range of children. take your passion for the road and downsize it with these adorable collectible cars that have been bringing fun to boys and girls for decades. at five below, you’ll find hot wheels in classic car styles, in addition to new and exciting models that will keep you and the little guys entertained for hours. create race courses out of household items like silverware, carpets, stairs, tables, and more. or go off-roading in the backyard to see what kind of terrain your hot wheels cars can conquer. race your hot wheels cars against other fun toys from five below, like heli balls and remote control cars. whether you’ve been a collector of hot wheel cars since day one, or are just starting to get in on the action, you’ll love the selection from five below.

the collectible hot wheels cars from five below are perfect as party favors, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or just because you want a little toy for your collection. at the low price of just one dollar a piece, you can collect and trade all 72 unique and fun cars. pick out one or two and then trade them with friends or other collectors to curate a diverse and fun collection of awesome hot wheels cars!

hot wheels have been a go-to toy since 1968, and now you can shop classic designs and new models right at five below. whether you love old-fashioned speed racers or modern works-of-art turned hot wheels car, you’ll be sure to find the car you love from five below. if you order online at, the hot wheels car that you receive in the mail will be a total surprise.