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play-doh is a timeless craft that has always been an extremely popular activity and probably always will be. at five below, you can find a wide selection of play-doh brand clay all for the low price of five dollars. the ubiquitous playtime craft has its origins as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930’s. now, you probably wouldn’t want to clean your wallpaper with this ultra fun material, but you can play with it for hours. at five below, we offer an assortment of colors and kits including four packs, six packs, and eight packs. each kit includes a variety of vibrant colors. shop sparkly play-doh that comes with a fun butterfly cutter and a heart cutter.

play-doh makes the perfect last minute birthday or holiday gift that will never get old. stock up your arts and crafts cabinet with this fun putty that will inspire creativity and spark the imagination. kids who love playing imaginary games will love the play-doh fun factory set that allows you to squeeze and mold fun and unique shapes using an extruder tool, two rails, and a plastic knife accessory. go to town building an imaginary city and using machinery to design your own creations.

soft and smooth dough is perfect for kids of all ages. little ones will love the gentle texture and bright colors. bigger kids will love using their imaginations to create scenes and structures using the flexible substance. these play-doh kits from five below are great for unique and exciting goodie bags. take a container on the go to prevent boredom on long car rides or even trips to the grocery store. the no-stick foam will ensure that no matter how much fun is had, there will never be a huge mess for mom or dad to clean up.