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  1. Prime Bites® Protein Brownie 2.29oz - Chocolate Cookie Monster

  2. Prime Bites® Protein Brownie 2.29oz - Birthday Cake Blondie

  3. Prime Bites® Protein Brownie 2.29oz - Chocolate Glazed Donut

  4. Prime Bites® Protein Brownie 2.29oz - Cookies & Cream Blondie

  5. As Seen On Social
    Toxic Waste® Slime Licker 2.0 Sour Liquid Candy (Flavors May Vary)

  6. Meiji® Chocorooms 5oz

  7. As Seen on Social
    Sow Good™ Freeze Dried Rainbow Bites 4oz

  8. As Seen on Social
    Sow Good Candy® Freeze Dried Crunchy Bears 1.5oz

  9. As Seen on Social
    Sow Good™ Sour Spheres Freeze Dried Candy 4oz

  10. Haribo® Goldbears® Cherry Gummi Candy 4oz

  11. Haribo® Watermelon Gummi Candy 3.1oz

  12. Haribo® Rainbow Gummi Worms 4oz

  13. Haribo® Happy-Cola® Gummi Candy 4oz

  14. Haribo® Gold Bears Gummi Candy 4oz

  15. As Seen on Social
    Sow Good™ Freeze Dried Sour Worms Candy 1.5oz

  16. As Seen on Social
    Sow Good™ Freeze Dried Sweet Squares Candy 4.2oz

  17. Sow Good™ Freeze Dried Peach Perfect Candy 1.9oz

  18. Haribo® Happy Cherries Gummi Candy 4oz Bag

  19. Haribo® Peaches™ Gummi Candy 4oz Bag

  20. Haribo® Frogs Gummi Candy 4oz

  21. Haribo® Raspberries Gummi Candy 4oz Bag

  22. Sow Good Crunch Cream Freeze Dried Ice Cream Vanilla Sandwich 1oz

  23. Haribo® Fruit Salad Gummi Candy 4oz
Add a touch of sweetness to your life with our selection of fun candy and snacks. We’ve got tons of snacks and candy to choose from, including childhood favorites like Krabby Patty gummies and Juicy Drop Pops. Whether you’re looking for fun candy for a birthday party or gearing up for a movie night, you can find all your favorites at Five Below.

Candy & Snacks FAQs

Do you have any sugar-free or health-conscious snack options?
We offer a handful of health-conscious snacks and candy so you can enjoy deliciously fun flavors without all the added sugar. Our cheap freeze-dried candy is made to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating an entire bag of candy. We also have salty snacks if you’re looking for something that satisfies your savory cravings.

What are some of the most popular candies sold on the Five Below site?
At Five Below, we take the time to carefully curate our selection of snacks and candy to include all the fan favorites. Mega candy tubes are an easy way to enjoy your favorite candy in bulk, from Airheads to Dubble Bubble. 
We also have themed candy from your favorite shows and comics—like Spider-Man, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, and Black Panther. If you prefer classics like sour gummy worms or gummy bears, we’ve got those too.

What are some unique candy combinations for a movie night?
If you’re planning a movie night with friends or family, having the right snacks and candy is essential. Instead of enjoying your movie with a bowl of buttery popcorn, try Cinnamon Toast Crunch popcorn for a sweeter alternative. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with our selection of chocolate and candy bars. We also have mega tubes and other individually wrapped candy that’s perfect for sharing.

Does Five Below have any freeze-dried candy options?
Our selection of cheap snacks, chips, and cookies includes some freeze-dried candy. We do our best to carry your favorite freeze-dried candy, from sour worms and rainbow bites to peach bites and freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches. Freeze-dried candy is great when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without snacking on a whole bag of candy.

Do you offer any spicy candy or snacks?
We have plenty of savory and spicy snacks to choose from, so you can satisfy your cravings even if you don’t have a sweet tooth. From hot fries and Takis to ghost pepper tortilla chips, we can help you satisfy your need for spice. We even have chewing gum and mints, so you can enjoy a treat without all the sugar.