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New Arrivals

  1. Panda Zen Garden 7in x 8in

  2. Koi Pond Zen Sand Garden 8in

  3. Mini Mushroom Potted Faux Plants 3-Count

  4. Clear Floating Shelf 15.75in x 4.8in

  5. Felt Cafe Message Board 10in

  6. LED Disco Indoor Water Fountain 5.6in x 6.2in

  7. Printed Decorative Tray 7.1in x 5.5in

  8. As Seen On Social
    Faux Plant

  9. Meditation Chime & Mallet

  10. Lotus LED Water Fountain 4.65in x 6.6in

  11. Starter Bamboo Cheeseboard 11in x 8in

  12. Poster With Hanger 15in x 10in

  13. Dried Flowers

  14. Decorative Tray With Print

  15. Snail LED Wall Light 9.8in x 6.7in

  16. Hanging Canvas Wall Art 10in
Elevate your space with our collection of accent decor and decorative accents! Explore our wide range of options that will add a touch of style and personality to any room. From decorative accent pillows to unique and eye-catching wall decor, we have the perfect pieces to enhance your space. Looking for accent wall decor? We offer a variety of options, including artwork, mirrors, and wall decals, that will make a statement and create a focal point in your room. Shop now and discover the power of decorative accents in transforming your space into a reflection of your personal style.