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  1. Wood Incense Holder 1.5in x 10.5in

  2. Healing Crystal Pendulum - Clear Quartz

  3. The Aura Amethyst Energy Gemstone Crystal

  4. Exotic Sage Smudge Wands 2-Pack - Dragon's Blood & Yerba Santa

  5. Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Gemstone

  6. Mystica™ Sage & Stone Smudge Kit

  7. Wood incense Burner

  8. 10in Ombre Taper Candles 2-Count

  9. Satya Hand Rolled incense Sticks

  10. Moon incense Burner

  11. White Sage & Sweetgrass Natural Smudge Wands

  12. Textured Wooden incense Burner

  13. Wood incense Burner

  14. Daily Incense Variety Pack 70-Count

  15. Wild Spirit Incense Stick Variety Pack 70-Count
We offer incense sticks, incense burners, crystals, stones, and sage kits for affordable prices, starting from $5 or below! Stock up on your favorite scents or find a cool new incense burner that's safe and affordable.