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  1. Cube of Cheese Mini Squishy

  2. Rainbow Mystery Squishy Bun Series 3 Fidget Toy

  3. My Mini Vending Machine

  4. Plastic Rainbow Slinky® Toy

  5. Hello Kitty And Friends® Squishy Sensory Balls 4-Pack

  6. Grafix® 100-Piece Glow Stick Set

  7. Polymer Clay Set 48-Count

  8. Tiny Dill Pickle Toy Slime
Ignite your imagination with our incredible collection of dress-up and pretend play toys. At Five Below, we offer a wide range of toys that encourage creativity and imaginative play. From fidget toys to sensory toys, we have something for everyone. Our fidget toys are not only popular among kids but also among adults looking for stress relief and relaxation. Explore our selection of sensory toys that provide tactile and visual stimulation. Looking to explore your musical talents? Check out our musical instruments and start creating beautiful melodies. Shop now and unlock the power of play with our dress up and pretend play toys. Discover the joy of fidget toys and sensory toys, and unleash your creativity with our musical instruments.