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  1. Maxx Action Wild West Ring Caps

  2. Pong!™ Ping Pong Shot Blaster

  3. Maxx Action™ Cap Shot Blaster Toy

  4. Zuru X-Shot™ Dart Refills 35-Count

  5. Slingshot Set

  6. Shark Ball Blaster

  7. Hero Chain Saw Dart Blaster 15in

  8. Styles May Vary
    X-Shot™ Kickback Dart Gun (Styles May Vary)

  9. Zuru X-Shot™ Dart Gun Set 2-Pack

  10. Hero Model: Action Ammo Vest W. Darts
Explore our assortment of toy firearms and toy pistols. Our assortment of action toys have options perfect for all ages. From mini dart toys and bow and arrow sets to water guns and wild west caps, there’s plenty of pretend play fun to be had in our collection!

Toy Guns FAQs

Are toy guns safe for children? What age group are toy guns suitable for?
Toy guns are typically labeled with recommended age ranges depending on the nature and functionality of the product. Make sure to always supervise children at play and follow any safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.
In addition to our selection of toy guns, we have plenty of toys and games for every age, including:
How do I clean and maintain my cheap toy gun?
To properly clean your toy gun, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and gentle dish soap, or use a kid-safe disinfectant wipe.

What safety measures can I take while using a toy gun?
Always make sure to supervise your child when they’re playing, especially with toy guns and pretend weapons. Additionally, safety measures like protective glasses and gear can help foster a safe play environment. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe play.

Can toy guns be used in water?
Whether a toy gun can be used in water depends on its design and construction. Some toy guns are specifically designed for water play and can be used safely in pools and bathtubs. These water guns typically have sealed mechanisms and waterproof materials to prevent damage from water exposure.
However, not all toy guns are suitable for use in water. Toy firearms that are not designed for water play may have metal components that can rust, electronic parts that can malfunction when wet or have materials that may degrade.
Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions to ensure your child is playing safely.