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about five below

five below is one of the fastest growing value retailers on the planet, offering high-quality products loved by tweens, teens and more, with extreme $1-$5 value, plus some incredible finds that go beyond $5. we know life is way better when you’re free to “let go & have fun” in an amazing experience filled with unlimited possibilities, which makes it easy to say “YES!” to the newest, coolest stuff across 8 awesome five below worlds: tech, create, play, candy, room, style, party, new & now. founded in 2002 and headquartered in philadelphia, pennsylvania, five below today has 1,000+ stores in 39 states.

the wow crew!

we're here to bring the WOW and extreme value, and see how big we can make you smile! and we want you to let loose and explore the hundreds of five below products that jump, fly, zoom, boom, bounce, float, taste, connect, and pop in eight different worlds: tech, style, room, play, create, party, candy, and new & now.

coolest, trendiest stuff

so, run over to those marvel® levitating superheroes! grab an assortment of 10-cent candy! bounce that basketball to your friend! look at all those headphones and bluetooth® speakers! check out all those shades of eye shadow! laugh at that hilarious tee shirt! and most of all, oohhh and aahhh at the lowest prices for the coolest, trendiest stuff!

top brands

the "yes!" store

That’s why when anyone says Five Below, kids and parents both shout out “YESSSS!” There’s just no store like us! After all, we’re the only place where you can Let Go & Have Fun in an experience that’s like your own treasure hunt with a world of WOW at your fingertips.