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  1. Sanrio® Squishmallows™ 6.5in

  2. Sonic The Hedgehog Squishmallows™ 6.5in

  3. Squishville™ Mystery Mini-Squishmallow™ Blind Bag

  4. Squishmallows™ Mystery Squad™ Summer Plush Blind Bag

  5. Disney Squishmallows™ Stitch 6.5in

  6. Squishmallows Squooshems™ Disney Blind Bag - Series 1

  7. Foodie Squishmallows™ 7.5in

  8. Squishmallows™ Mystery Squad™ Dessert Plush Blind Bag
Experience the irresistibly soft and huggable world of Squishmallows! Explore our collection of adorable Squishmallow plushies and stuffed animals. From regular Squishmallows to giant Squishmallows, we have a variety of sizes to suit your preference. These cuddly companions are perfect for snuggling, collecting, and bringing comfort wherever you go. Looking for something extra cozy? Check out our Squishmallow pillows, which offer a plush and squishy experience for relaxation and lounging.